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WHO we are?

Alphabet Solutions is a joint venture of highly driven individuals with more than 30 years of collective and combined experience in the cruiseline and staffing industry, on both ocean and river ships. We take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing our candidates' to the standards our clients demand. Strategically we offer accessability in two continents with offices in Bulgaria and USA. We are highly committed to providing operational support as well as exceptional customer service.

WHAT do we do?

In Alphabet Solutions we match our highly trained recruits with our clients in the cruise line industry that are high in demand of labor and hospitality services. We truly believe in the value of quality work as an unifying power that will shape the ocean and river cruises society for the better.

WHY work on ships?

Did you know crew-members are the top choice when it comes to employment in the service sector? Why is that? Well, employers realized working on ships gives a crew-member such volume of skills and organizational abilities that you can not gain anywhere else in the world.
Hi, we are Alphabet Solutions and we would like to share just some reasons why YOU should choose working on a Cruise ship.
There are amazing times ahead if YOU choose to work on cruise ships and we would like to point out some of them to get to understand as to WHY WORKING ON CRUISE SHIPS is such a great opportunity.
Being part of the cruise industry YOU get the chance to travel to many places around the world YOU might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. Trust us on this - we've been there and we know how great it feels when you set foot in places like Key West, Bahamas, Hawaii, Jamaica, Aruba or any other great place like L.A., New York, San Francisco or Miami. You travel the world and you do that without paying for expensive hotels or food. Not only that, you are actually paid to go around the world - save all your money since everything is provided on the ship. There is no rent, no utilities, no grocery bills. It is all covered. Work with young motivated people from around the world just like you, learn their culture, perhaps fall in love. We've seen that many times! There are amazing parties on the ship as well - seriously, crew work hard and they deserve it.
There are 1000+ crew-members on each ship and it is a constant rotation. Someone is going home, new people are coming to replace them. The men/women ratio is around 50/50 so it's like any other place you go. There is crew-bar, gym, open space if you want to lay down under the sun and get some tan on your skin while at sea although that is not everyday activity since the ship stops every day to a different beautiful place that offers great places to relax or just to go on the beach. And talking about beach.... wow :) As we've said in the beginning, these are just a few great reasons why working on cruise ships is a good choice.
We are here to help YOU all the way through with everything you need. So just call us or send us an e-mail to get all the information and tell you before you leave - Bon Voyage!